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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Perspectives from Place in Space

Earth is in the 'habitable' zone of our solar system; where the sun's rays allow for us to be the perfect temperature, a gas giant is there to protect us from asteriods, and our moon allows for tides and fine-tuning of our planet's temperature. Scientists have discovered that there are many more habitable locations in our solar system. Moons like Europa, Ganymede, and Io may be host to microbial life, or even sea creatures. Creatures on these moons may become very complex, possibly evolving intelligence. Planets in systems with red dwarves are being studied. Aliens on these planets might have a non-photosynthetic beginning, unless they are nearby the star. We have observed that complex life can evolve around a chemosynthetic base. Multi-stellar systems, like in the photograph, could develop a wide array of photosynthetic life. These life forms would likely display complex behavior, due to having to respond to the different levels of light as they revolve around the stars.
Many different locations and places will have different forms of life; always keep an open mind and remember that just as Earth life is unique, other life will also be unique.

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