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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Life on Brown Dwarves

NASA has recently come across the coolest brown dwarves (failed stars) in the known universe. Could life exist on these barren bodies? Many brown dwarves are alone, not orbiting anything or recieving sunlight. They emit very little light themselves. These new brown dwarves are in a special class of stars below 2,240 degrees Fahrenheit. Could microbes exist on them? Life on this planet has adapted to the freezing arctic temperatures and to thermal vents in the bottom of the sea. Why couldn't they evolve to live in a relatively cool stellar atmosphere? They would be able to have water, protection from UV rays with the thick atmosphere, and a source of heat. The only thing that they wouldn't have is sunlight, unless the brown dwarf was part of a multi-star system.


Ted said...

Sunlight seems pretty vital to me...

There is chemosynthesis, true... hmmm.

abdul majid said...

is there any possibility for living thing lives in such place.

Anonymous said...

The planets orbiting, if close enough, could be perhaps be changed by tidal effects, think Jupiter's moon Europa.