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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Could Human History be Lost?

We have sent messages into space for decades; if an alien responded to a message and visited an Earth devoid of Human life, would there be any evidence? Structures of stone would last a really long time. It has been shown that colonized areas with plant life, like Asia and South America, have been entirely cloaked from view. Even with new satellite technology, we are finding new structures continually. Another sign of possible sentience on our planet is the distribution of life on Earth. With the globalization of our society comes the transportation of animals. Horses, bees, fruits, foods, plants, and many other living things have been imported to new locations. Intelligent alien species might be able to piece together how we were involved. Finally, the space artifacts on other planets and the space debris surrounding our planet is the last evidence of humanity. Would it be possible to extend our influence further, to extend the proof of our existence on this earth?


H. Nizam said...

Hi there,
I am glad to be back here reading your update. Interesting.

Matthew Leeb said...

i guess it also depends on how well our future generations preserve our past, but i believe we are headed in the right path on that front though. so unless we serious wipe ourselves out through war, there will be ample amounts of evidence of our existence here on earth; as long as the extraterrestrials are willing to do some light excavation.

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