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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Stephen Hawking's Alien Conspiracy

Stephen Hawking, the man who proved the existence of black holes (the guy in the wheelchair, if you don't care), stated that aliens will kill us and ruin the human race. Personally, I find this to be completely false.

1. Aliens that are advanced enough to travel to our planet in spaceships would have a vast knowledge in a variety of disciplines. They would have no need for any 'advanced technologies' that we may have, unless they have evolved differently and created different technologies.

2. They would not come to Earth just for our resources, when they could go to other bodies without the hassles of dangerous bio-hazards(us). By coming here, there would be the danger of mining amid fatal diseases that they have never come in contact with. Also, there are other bodies all over space.

3. Finally, if they had the knowledge and technology to come to Earth, then they would probably be smart enough to think ahead and be safe, by not spreading/contacting our biosphere and wearing hazmat-like outfits. No one would take the risk of coming into contact with strange diseases of an alien world.

Do you agree with me, or how do you disagree?


Project Savior said...

I mostly agree with you except:
Technology, as advanced in space travel as they would be their would still be some areas that we would have explored that they wouldn't have done much. Like a civilization that evolved in a Red Star solar system wouldn't be very advanced in Clear Coat paint technology (something we've researched for a century) so that could be useful to them.
However, they would be in an excellent position to trade for the technologies they are interested in, as opposed to war.
The one reason Aliens would invade us is if we develop a technology that can threaten them and we decide to be arrogant a-holes. We could be listed as a "Rogue State" just like the US can't allow small nations to develop Nuclear Technology.

shaz said...

yeah i agree with u but we dont know that Aliens are intelligent from us or they have technology is far better than us it is also possible that they are not attracted towards gravity or their aircraft materials is unknown gravity attracted or not very questions raises...

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