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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Jurassic Park, Aliens and Genetic Engineering

In the book and film Jurassic Park, it introduces a relatively futuristic concept into a way for simple minds to comprehend. Would it really be easy enough to recreate a species with mosquitoes? So far we have been able to clone animals, and alter their genes. We have implanted anti-pesticide genes into crops. But how far would an advanced alien race go - and how much would they themselves be able to change? A civilization separated by many light-years might clone themselves, so that they could be politically connected. They could colonize any planet with little or no terraformation effort, instead modifying the genes in selected creatures to live on the planet. Also, any technologically advanced civilizations would create nanomachines, able to destroy germs at atomic level. But they would have had to come an extremely long way to be able to successfully do this - with NO MISTAKES WHATSOEVER. Today's genetic engineering may lead to mutations and unstoppable epidemics in the future, even from one small genetic tweak.


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