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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Galactic Recessions and Solar-System WideDark Ages?

As a species on this planet, humankind is doing quite badly compared to the past. Even though we are not in 'dark ages' as in the medieval ages, we are not advancing at a very visible rate. If aliens at the height of their galactic power were to go into the dark ages, via communication or teleportation failure, how might their society break up or devolve? If their government were one unified population, they would loose all of their power so long as they were not able to have control. Multiple city-state, or solar/star system societies would emerge out of the mayhem. It might be possible for this galactic society to wage 'civil' war upon itself. Hopefully, though, the aliens would have a lower-tech solution and travel using solar sails, nuclear engines or other technology that by then would be ages old. Hopefully humanity will emerge successfully from our present global recession and invest in the future.

Also, how close do you think we are to becoming a system-wide society?

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