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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Helping Hand from Above

Humankind has always said that the Pyramids of Giza, Easter Island heads and many other diverse monuments were built with human ingenuity. But what if aliens came and helped humanity build these structures? They might have done this, and help begin the construction of civilization itself. What might the reasons be for a different, more advanced species to help primitive beings like ourselves to evolve? If life in space is rare, then these aliens might be helping us not out of kindness, but out of necessity. Also, although they see that we are primitive, they might want us to not destroy ourselves in the process of building our own civilization. There are many different reasons for alien beings to contact us..... hopefully, they might come back and check on our progress as a species and accept us in time to their society.

1 comment:

Project Savior said...

If they go through the universe cultivating civilizations that would mean that occasionally they would have to weed.
I hope we're the fruit and not the weeds.