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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Human Architecture vs. Alien Architecture, Part I

Today, humans have a multitude of architecturals styles. The first structures were probably caves, with manmade structures in the iceage probably being teepees made of wood, bone and animal skins. These structures were built to trap heat, with a fire in the middle. There were also structures built out of mud. Mud could be padded on top of a wooden structure, or it could be molded into bricks. With these bricks comes many architectural styles, from Spanish to modern. With the advent of glass and steel, skyscrapers became the new architectural style. Some buildings are now "going green" and are having hanging gardens, solar power panels and grass roofs.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Currency and their Changes

I came up with this article while thinking about our recession. Originally, the human civilization used the barter system, in which one type of good was traded for another. Then, the first currency of gold, silver and other metal coinage was made. The United States was one of the first to use paper money, which has no value in some countries but is still used. As a civilization moves into space, how might its 'currency' change? Right now our rockets and satellites are powered by nuclear fusion, hydrogen and liquid oxygen. We plan to mine for diamonds, gold water and other precious materials as we colonize space. In the future, humanity might use an immensely blown-up barter system as larger amounts of materials are discovered. For example, Jupiter might trade hydrogen for some carbon dioxide from Venus. As humanity continues to expand, we will also expand our trading and financial horizons.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Radio Transmissions and their Effectiveness

For over 8 decades humans have been sending radio signals into space, intentionally and unintentionally. Though this has only a limited effectiveness, because if aliens DO hear you, they will be hearing sounds and broadcasts that might be ancient by that time. Also, how do we know that aliens are not TOO ADVANCED to hear us? We have not discovered many transmissions, though we might be able to intercept a very old civilization's calls with radio waves. If we do contact an alien civilization, it would take many thousands of years to intercept their message, which we might not even be able to decode or understand. There is much uncertainty with radio transmissions. 

Monday, February 9, 2009

Alien Diplomacy and Humanity

If Area 51 is indeed holding aliens and spacecraft, then there are many ways in which an alien civilization might interact. They might attack our planet, which they luckily have not yet done. They might leave us alone, to disturbed by our scientific methods of dissection to interact with us. They might send in alien scientists to examine the human psyche, which it seems they have done since the 1950's with UFO encounters. Or instead, they might work with our government. This last scenario seems like an unlikely one, because as a species, our world would be in chaos if the discovery of any extraterrestrial life is made. 

If you want to read more about Alien Diplomacy, read my previous post.

Also, what do you think aliens are (might be) interacting with us today?

Friday, February 6, 2009

Alien Diplomacy

When War of the Worlds came out, someone came up with a very clever hoax. All over America radios told that extraterrestrials from Mars had come to Earth, and America responded in pure terror. How is this related to diplomacy? If any advanced aliens went out and searched for other life, how might different civilizations react? To any organisms that have little intelligence, they might go up to the aliens but not comprehend what they are seeing. To any tribal groups, like the nomadic tribes in Africa, they might make gods out of the aliens. To any civilizations as advanced as their own, they would probably react in friendship with each other. As for our own?? Right now our species might be subject to alien examination, with our governments covering it up.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Religion and Advanced Aliens Might not Mix

Religion has been the cause of wars, prosecution, bias and a hindrance to science. It has gone against Darwinian evolution, and has prosecuted against outspoken and thought-provoking women. But what might religion become in an alien civilization many centuries ahead of our own? These aliens, if they were like Christians, would have shed all previous beliefs and false "facts".  A religion that might be good for a space-faring race would believe in a god that would have created the entire universe and has since gone about creating life to travel among the stars. Also, another good religion would believe in any life forces that could create any essences or "souls". Currently, humans are mainly Christians and believe in Science.