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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Space-Faring Civilizations: Beginnings

The human race began their journey into space 70 years ago. What jump-started this technology was the many technological advances made in the World Wars. The problem is, if a species has the power to go into space, then they also have the power to make powerful bombs. This would be a problem for many alien civilizations, including our own. If humans destroy themselves before they colonize space, then we are gone forever. It is probable that many past and present civilizations are facing this same problem. The Apollo missions were powered by less energy than a present-day calculator. Energy is not a problem, but the funding for our space programs is vital. In 10-30 years, there is to be over five nations colonizing the moon and, possibly, Mars. This will be one small leap for man, and a larger leap for mankind.

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