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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Political Structures, Successes and Failures

For centuries on our own planet we have experimented with different structures for our leadership. But what about aliens? Extraterrestrials with a hive structure, like that of bees, might keep in touch with "tradition" and simply let the queen reign while they engage in interstellar trade. This strategy would work, except it might form a form of disconnection from the workers and their leaders, creating a revolution. Bird-like creatures might keep in flock, being nomads which wander around planets. These creatures would colonize other planets, creating an independence from the original flock. This system could be very successful. While us primates might depend on a single leader, alien societies might depend on the entire civilization, with each group doing different things. This could go two ways. Beings could either choose what they want, or they could be stuck in it, their families becoming a part of a selected caste system. This would lead to revolt. Today, on the day president elect Barack Obama became our leader, I want you to think about different types of leadership and society.

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