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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Planets: Diverse Edens

As an advanced space civilization travels farther into space, they may come to see different planets as different opportunities. How might they put different planets to use? On planets like Mercury, there would be no life existing there but machines, which mine the planet for materials. There is a huge sphere surrounding the entire planet, harvesting the energy of the sun as it rotates. On other planets covered in oceans, aliens might build a themepark, which strangely enough, might cover the entire planet. There would be hovorboarding and deep-ocean trench diving. On giant gas planets, an alien civilization would have a giant spaceport on its many moons, using the planet's gravity to launch spacecrafts to fast speeds. These ideas might not be true, because "green" aliens might turn planets into natural preserves, either leaving them as they are or introducing new and different species into the biosphere. Any way, the planets offer many diverse attractions and uses.

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