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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Terraforming: Morals

In the future, if we survive, we will have to travel to Mars, Jupiter and other planets. Some people will want to live in large, sci-fi space domes. Others will want to terraform. What is terraforming? Terraforming is the process by which a body in space is altered to a different state, or one like our Earth's. What are the dangers or morals of terraforming a planet? Some dangers include accidentily altering the planet in the way you don't want to, putting it into an eternal ice age or global warming epidemic, like Venus. Scientists and other groups will want to keep the native "habitat" and research it. These groups will include the environmentalists, alarmists and (possibly, though not likely) politicians. These people will hold technology back, not allowing any "contaminants" from Earth to land and take root. The idea of terraformation has come up many times in history; when will it finally happen?


weirdwarp@googlemail.com said...

I can't see that anyone at all would want to live in a dome as they all must be pretty hardy and if it was me I'd much rather bounce around on the face of Mars having fun.

miniwriter said...

Well in the future when we've "used" this planet the sad truth is that the human race will want to expand and then inevitbaly terraform a planet to make it desirable. hmmm all a part of evolution I guess