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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Terraforming: How May Native Organisms Be Affected?

Before, I told of how terraforming may affect humans and the planet itself. But what of the native aliens that may possibly exist? We do not know how industrialized wastes may mutate them, or how heat may affect them, or even if water, the building block of earth life, may make them change. Any single-celled life will reproduce quickly enough to possibly adapt to a new environment, and a few multi-cellular lifeforms may survive. But how will any new aliens evolve? they will have to reproduce quickly, producing many generations in succession. The aliens will have to create new respiration systems, new immune systems.... almost everything their ancestors have adapted to will have to be changed, and quickly if they want to survive. Terraforming, if there is native life on a planet, will change the entire face of a planet.

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