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Monday, December 15, 2008

New Levels of Intelligence

Humans have reached a critical stage in their evolution. We have invented the nuclear bomb, have invented electricity and have begun the space age. Our populations are soaring, and we are reaching heights never achieved by any (known) prior lifeforms on this planet. Though now we are polluting the earth, caring nothing about recycling and green energy. Does intelligence have new meaning? By my personal definition, intelligence is the ability to use your natural resources and be able to create new things out of them. Some "intelligent" species include the octopus, the chimp, the ant, the bee, and the human. Though humans have created many, many new things. Now, intelligence carries a new meaning. It is now defined as using logic and thought to spread your recources to all the population evenly. We are making many species endangered, like fish and many other food resources. Might other alien species have reached the same problems we have reached now?

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