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Monday, December 29, 2008

Let There Be Light

How might life forms evolve at different distances from a star? If a planet revolved around a red dwarf star at Mercury's distance, there might be life on it. If a planet revolved around a blue giant at the distance of Saturn or Uranus, there might be life there. How would life forms be affected by the different wavelengths and frequencies its parent star give off? An alien life form might have different senses than other lifeforms. It would detect heat and sounds, running from predators and hunting for prey. It might also communicate by interupting these different frequencies with other sounds. One way an alien might even survive is by using photosynthesis and absorbing different types of radiation for energy. But some creatures might avoid utilizing these forms of radiation, forming defenses and protection. They might form a hard, thick shell and burrow underground. How might different alien life forms live amidst radiation?

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