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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Becoming a Civilization: Obstacles and Problems

For us humans, our point of civilization began with fire. From there our technologies progressed to the wheel, farming and social structures. Though would an alien civilization begin differently? They might live in a different environment which would have diferent forms of life, different climates and different rotational periods. If they lived in a very hot climate, their technologies would revolve around water or a cool liquid. If the aliens live in the ocean, then their technologies might revolve around propulsion or movement. If any aliens had no prey, then they would focus on defensive technology. If aliens lived on a body like the moon or Mercury, then life may be a cycle of being dormant and surviving. Some cycles may be so short that only microbial life can sustain itself. There are many diverse environments in our universe; we cannot expect the same type of civilizations to arise everywhere.

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